JDB Layout Options

JDB Layout Options

When you're installing Pixel template without quickstart, you'll need to setting up your site manually. Firstly, you'll need to install JD Page Builder component on your site. Once done, you'll need to create a page in JD Page Builder.


Creating New Page


Importing Pixel Pre-defined Layout

Enter the name/title of the page in the textbox, without the page title your page will not be saved.

Next, click on down arrow beside options and choose Layout Options > Import to import pre-defined layout from Pixel as shown in the screenshot below. Search and locate jdb-home-layout.json file within Pixel template and it should be in the following path /templates/pixel/jdb-home-layout.json .

Once done, you'll see the following layout for you to play. Don't forget to click save to store your page.


Customizing JDB Layout

You may customize your site by clicking on the Add Section button(to add a new section on the page) or Import button(to add an already created section or page). On adding a section choose your grid or customize it as you like.(the sum should always be equal to 12).


After selecting the grid you can easily add the elements and create your desired page. Along with just saving you can either Save & Close the page or Save & New to create a new page or Save & Copy to copy the complete page.


Further explanation can be found at How to create a page in JD Builder.

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