The installation process is fairly simple and straight-forward. Pixel template comes with Quickstart package containing Joomla instance, Pixel template, HelixUltimate framework and free version of JD Pagebuilder which will be useful for website developer.


Downloading Pixel Package

If you're interested and would like to acquire Pixel template for your site, head on to our App Store, and search for Pixel template from the apps listing page. Click on Buy Now to purchase and or click on the Download button to get the template from our site. You should be downloading a zip file named

Got it? Perfect. Let's move on to the installation.


Installing Pixel Package

After you have acquire the Pixel package, you may proceed with the installation. Since this is quickstart package, you can upload it directly into your server and extract it there. It should contain Joomla installation package. 

Before we start installing Joomla!, there are a couple prerequisites that need to be met to install Joomla! 3.x successfully. These apply whether you have a dedicated server, a shared hosting plan server, or are installing a copy on a local computer for testing or development.

You’ll need to meet the following requirements to install and use Joomla!

Continue the installation process until arriving on Finalization summary page. On this page, you must select Pixel (GB) Sample Data. Otherwise, it will not install the template and you'll need to start over the installation process.


After the installation process completed, a screen that looks similar like this will be displayed. This means that you have successfully installed Pixel package on your site.

Pixel template will automatically be set as default template with some modules and default menus enabled. Now, you have successfully installed Pixel template. You may navigate to Site to take a look on your the site layout or proceed to Administrator to continue configuring your site.

For further understanding, please visit Joomla documentation.

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